Thursday, May 7, 2009

The 'Ban the disposable coffee cup and refill your mug' challenge!

Hello Greenie and Richard Waller

Yesterday was Day One of the 'Ban the disposable coffee cup and refill your mug' challenge. We had Richard on the case from the start, and Leah joined in today so lets all ban disposable coffee cups and take our own mugs to Astoris and Wheels and Dolls Baby.

Greenie Special!
Cupcakes and Wheels Cafe (aka Wheels and Dolls baby) will give you a large coffee for the price of a small coffee if you bring your own mug! Thank you Wheels!

Click here for some more eco office tips!

Stay tuned for some more Eco-Challenges!

Love Love
Hello Greenie


  1. Well done hello greenie,
    fantastic blog, lots of links, and very inspiring.

  2. Thrilled that you could organise this. I bring my own ground beans and have a "plunger cup" at work, but I think I might see whether we can organise the cafe van to do something similar. Great, great, great idea.