Saturday, May 9, 2009

Liane Rossler Eco-Inspection

(Liane Rossler and David Clark - Note David's 'One Degree of Difference' Mug!)

Danika Jones, Liane Rossler, David Clark and Leah Twomey

Liane Rossler and Leah Twomey

On Friday we were lucky enough to have a lovely visit from Al Gore Spokesman Liane Rossler. After a team morning tea, Liane and I walked around the office area with (recycled) notepad in hand taking notes on where we could make eco changes for the better within our team. Liane will be emailing us a to-do list shortly! But in the time being Liane showed us how to set our computers to Energy Saving mode by allowing the screen to go to 'sleep' after 3 minutes of no activity. Lodge your call with IT Helpdesk (x 2323) today to get your computer set to Energy Saving Mode.

Thank you Liane!

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